And I Swear...

Promise, promises...they are meant to be more than flowery words. It can be tricky to make promises because we mean to keep them, but it might be that we set the bar to impossible levels in order to have beautiful vows. You don't want to make such mistakes with your vows. You want them to be heartfelt, real, sincere, and most importantly, you want them to be realistic.

Vows and practicality are not two words often used in the same sentence, but why not? Promising the earth and the moon is not practical, and though it sounds great when you are standing before your beloved, it can also bring a moment of artificiality into your big day.

A lot of people also struggle just figuring out what they want to say. And that too can put a sour note on what should be an enjoyable activity. Why go through any of this when you can book a brief consultation with me, discover what you want to say, and then allow me to write clear, authentic, and unforgettable vows for you...and I swear, I won't take any of the credit!