To Life, To Life...Raise a Glass...To Your Health...Skoal...And So On...

Historians rarely agree on a lot, but most would nod in agreement to the simple fact that the "toast" is impossible to date. There is no historical record pointing back to the first moment in time when one human raised a glass to another, or to a god, and spoke words of praise, hope, celebration, and so on.

Needless to say, it is a tradition that seems to exist in all cultures, and one that comes with the pressure to say the right thing. It is, however, a situation with all kinds of pressures. You're supposed to be sincere. You're supposed to say something moving. You're supposed to keep it short and sweet. You're often supposed to inject some humor. And, you need to do it in a way that allows everyone to feel satisfied with the outcome. Just a little pressure there, eh?

No need to panic. Professional writers are hired to compose toasts all of the time. They just keep it on "QT". So, if you are dreading the "Best Man's Speech" or the moment you'll need to ask everyone to raise a glass and listen to you speak, don't. Get in touch with me and I'll whip up some winning words sure to please the entire crowd.