On the Back of an Envelope My Aunt Fanny!

Great speeches seem to develop mythology around their creation. Consider the Gettysburg Address and the many unanswered questions, urban myths, and outright fictions that have developed around this most famous of speeches.

Few of us are as succinct, straight to the gut, effective writers as Abraham Lincoln, but we still want to get a reaction and response from the speeches we deliver. It is tough to compose strong words when you are also feeling the strain of presenting that speech. Totally rational and utterly irrational fears rise to the surface even as you struggle to put the words together, and they can effectively block you from crafting a moving and effective speech.

Let me help you overcome these common hurtles. As someone who has delivered many speeches - some blessedly brief and others uncomfortably extensive - I can sympathize with the challenges. As a writer who has drafted countless presentations, speeches, toasts, and other spoken words for others, I combine knowledge and skill to provide you with the best results.

You can confidently approach the podium, stage, or microphone knowing that you hold an effective and impressive speech in your hands (or head) when you work with me. Together we can make sure that you say everything you need to say, capture and hold your listeners' attention, and deliver words that might have won you a nod of approval from Mr. Lincoln himself!