A Few Words on SEO

You DON'T Need SEO...Well, okay, maybe a little...

And you don't need marketing materials, and "sales speak" either. Audiences smell it a mile away. What you need is original and valuable content written in your voice and expressing your message. There is a difference between standard keyword campaigns and well-written materials that put you at the top of search engine results. Brief bursts of traffic to your website won't build clientele, but top of the line content marketing will...even Google says this is the way to go.

A strong homepage, a few solid blogs and articles that are shared across social media, and a clear message are the "new ways of SEO". This is content that can only come from quality writers and not content machines.

You DON'T Need Materials Channeled Through Middlemen Either

While you can turn to some of the giant ghostwriting and SEO companies, think of what they've done. It is the greedy "middlemen" who are good at getting contracts and doling out work to freelance agents. These firms claim quality, but are often more concerned with their bottom line. This is what has happened to the Internet. This is why a search often generates a list of useless pages and shallow information.

These companies do "fast" but not always "effective", and quality of content is rarely their concern. Why not consider something better? Working with writers that want to capture your voice, understand the fine details of your message and needs, and who will not charge the earth to make it happen is a better option...isn't it? Find out how to help make the Internet awesome as you grow your business, improve your reputation, build an audience, and take a strong position in your market.