It Slices, It Dices, It Comes in Twenty Designer Colors...

Have you ever found yourself purchasing an item "sight unseen"? If so, it is likely the result of a well-written product description. Whether it is food, a used car, clothing, or any other sort of product or service, you need power in your descriptions.

In the past decade I have been hired to draft descriptions for products ranging from bibles to spices and from hotels to universities. Clearly, there are many products available, and just as many ways to describe each of them. Does this mean you should settle for descriptions that are not in line with your larger goals? Not at all. It is entirely possible to create extremely colorful and accurate descriptions that are also in tune with the mission of your business.

Do you want very concise and clean language? Perhaps you want humor and a sense of fun? Maybe you need to be sensitive to the audience? No matter what, I have the words you'll need to create accurate, strong, and effective descriptions that easily sell the product as well as enhancing your brand. Let's talk about your products and how we can create the best descriptions possible.

Product Descriptions