Fair Market Writing...Lower Prices, Better Quality

Those who know me, are well aware of my dislike for the famous "middlemen" of the world. They cause unnecessarily high pricing, reduce overall quality, and create glitches in markets that would do so much better without them. Hiding behind a guise of "customer service" they rob from those who create, they bleed away unethically high profits, and they establish a system in which producers are forced to work in intolerable conditions. They are not Fair Traders.

Fortunately, I work for myself, by myself, and directly with clients. I do not allow any middlemen to barge their way into the creative process and force me to deliver shoddy work done at a pace that is disrespectful to clients.

Does this come at a premium price? No. It comes at a lower price than most of the major ghostwriting "services" demand. This is due entirely to the fact that the middlemen are removed from the situation. When you hire me, you get roughly twice the time major ghostwriting services provide, you get my full attention, and you pay roughly 50-75% of the prices charged through "top" ghostwriting services


Articles and Blogs: Pricing determined by word count and number ordered.
1 - 5
11 or more



Books and eBooks: $9 per page (up to 50 pages); $8 per page (over 50 pages)

Consultations: $40 per hour

Elevator Pitches: $50 includes one hour consultation/up to 200 words

Letters & Poems: $50 includes one hour consultation/up to 300 words

Press Releases: $50 (up to 500 words)Distribution not included in price

Product Descriptions: $.06/per word (i.e. 100 words = $6)

Social Media: $.06/per word (i.e. 100 words = $6)

Spoken Words: $.10/per word (i.e. 100 words = $6)One hour consultation recommended

Web Content: $.06/per word (i.e. 100 words = $6)

We are also happy to discuss flexible terms for those who require them.