And Now Here's Something We Hope You'll Really Like

Shhh....I'll let you in on a big secret about press releases. The best press releases are NOT written like a press release at all. In fact, if you write a press release with the goal of having a reporter pick up the story and run with it...well, let's just say that you shouldn't "hold your breath".

Instead, a press release must be written in a way that would allow a reporter, usually seriously pressed for time, to copy huge chunks of the text directly into their story. Now, that's good news isn't it? No? Why not? Because you don't know how to write strongly enough for publication.

That's what I'm here for! With ten years of experience writing articles, books, eBooks, blogs, and all kinds of web content, I can create punchy, attention grabbing, and high quality press releases that will be sure to make it into newspapers, websites, and wherever you need them to be.

I have partnered with a dependable press release distribution service as well. This positions your news to end up in local, regional, national or international RSS feeds, news sites, and more.

Work with me to draft the ultimate press release, grab the attention of reporters and editors, and know that your content is strong enough to head straight to distribution.

Press Releases