Show It, Don't Tell It: The Dilemma of Good Narration

Here's a common can someone trained to work in the visual sit down and write a powerful narration? In other words, how do the video and film artists of the world shoot glorious footage that "shows rather than tells" and then do the 180-degree turn needed to write the narration required?

They don't have to, that's what writers are for. Naturally, not just any writer will do, and it requires someone who understands the art of effective, succinct, and entertaining writing. In the end, the addition of potent narration to a video or film production is invaluable. When partnered with a good reader, it is a profound improvement to even the best footage.

I have provided copy and narration to television commercials, promotional videos, and even documentaries. You don't have to dedicate hours of time struggling to create narration when you can delegate it to an affordable, professional, and experienced resource. Give me a call and we can get your film completed in no time!