​​Memoirs, Family Histories and Personal Bios

A Good Book is a Conversation with Your Reader, Why Not Make Your Story the Conversation?

Sit down with me and have a few great conversations. Make it all about you, your ideas, past, thoughts, insights, feeling and story. We can work together, or I can take the lead and turn our conversations into a compelling book, website or other publication.

Whether we chat via  Skype, phone or face to face, we can dig into the material you wish to turn into your memoir, family history or personal bio. Your ideas and experiences are the focal point, and once we get to know one another, I can write in your "voice", offer you some guidance on your own writing, or do a bit of both.

Your life has been a journey and we can work together to create a wonderful memoir you can share with family, friends, colleagues or the world!