Dear Sir...

Many say that the art of letter writing is quickly dying out. One look at the struggles of the U.S. Postal Service would say that this is the truth. The end of telegrams in July of 2013 also shows that written messages are rapidly being replaced by electronic ones.

However, is there really anything that can compare to a hand written letter? Is there anything as special as a love letter received as a surprise? Even more enchanting is a brief poem written to someone we love. Also, a professionally composed letter can make just the right impression at any time.

History is full of great letter writers, and yet the advent of email, text messages, IMs and telephones is bringing the age of letter writing to a quick end. Should we let it happen? Probably not, and so I offer help to those who want to write love letters, poems, notes, and other brief and unforgettable messages to loved ones, friends, family members, and even for professional reasons.

Formatted properly, written in your voice, and delivered through the mail, by hand, or slipped under a door, a letter or poem can become a treasure as well as a remarkable way of making a statement. Let me help you write the best letters and poems possible.

Letters & Poems