Elevator Pitches

So, I Had This GREAT Idea!

Do you know your "elevator pitch"? Do you know that phrase means? It is a vital part of business planning and general marketing because it takes your entire mission and concentrates it down into a beautiful collection of perfect words. It is like caramel that comes from a tub of sugar, but without the cavities.

In brief, an elevator pitch is a statement that would allow you to pitch yourself, your idea, your product, your company, or your mission in the time it takes for a short elevator ride. Not a two-story ride, mind you, but something more along the lines of the Empire State Building.

Give or take a few seconds and words, you want your elevator pitch to clearly explain what you do, how you do it in a unique way, pose a question to the listener, and incite them to action.

Sounds tough, doesn't it? It can be, but when you work with a professional writer they can often provide the most succinct phrases and terms, stylishly make strong points, and deliver an elevator pitch that is easy to memorize and which flows naturally.

Elevator pitches aren't exclusively for those who ride in elevators and talk about themselves either. They are perfect tools for business professionals, students looking for internships, job seekers and people who are just confused about where they're going in life. Need to create your "pitch"? Get in touch with me today and we'll have you pitching in no time!