eBooks & Books

Because Everyone Has at Least One Good Book in Them!

Try to guess what window gardening, Feng Shui, Anthocycanins, "Coming Out" as a teen, and vegetarianism have in common?

Can you guess?Do you know?The answer is that they all have nothing in common.

Well, nothing except for the fact that they are subjects I have covered when ghostwriting for others. Don't ask me to list all of the subjects I've handled; there are just too many. The point is that writing a book (or hiring me to write as your ghostwriter) is easier than ever. It is also one of the smartest things you could do if you are looking for a strong marketing tool, a new career, or a way of building a website/organization/philosophy/audience.

Appropriate subject matter includes:

  • Biography and Autobiography
  • Cooking
  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Family Histories
  • Travel Books
  • Poetry
  • And Just about Anything Else Under the Sun!

I have done eBooks and traditional book writing, from enormous encyclopedias to twenty page Kindle books, I have mastered the new and exciting art of writing for the self-publisher. You will still have to have your book designed, converted to Kindle or some other format, and so on. However, once we finish working together you'll have a clean, error free document that you can be proud of, and which can be used for electronic or traditional printing. Interested in discussing your thoughts and ideas? Contact me and get started on your first book today.