Now What?

Not sure about your message?

Need some help identifying a theme for your campaign or your writing?

Looking for a bit of inspiration?

I am happy to book time with you "face to face" (via Skype) and discuss what it is you might need to say, write, read, etc. Consultations are great when you need to brainstorm about a speech or a toast, when you are struggling to write a letter or some vows, and especially when you are just putting together your content for a marketing campaign.

More than ten years spent writing for all kinds of clients allows me to think on my feet, so you don't have to worry about a session costing you your children's college fund. In under an hour's time we can put our heads together and find some great solutions.At $40 per hour, that's a bargain and it's also a lot of fun! Book some time with me today.