You Don't Have to Know Anything to Sound Like an Expert!

Articles are used for marketing products, services, and spreading ideas. They can give you (and your website) the kind of authenticity you need to build a reputation, improve your website's performance, and max out your SEO. The tricky thing about articles is that they have to be in really, really good.

Not only do you have to come up with a witty and unique title, an original spin on the topic, and text that proves you know the subject matter, but you also have to make it "shareable". This new, non-word is the key to your online marketing success because it translates to something huge: positive word of mouth.

When your articles are passed on from reader to reader; shared with a click through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the rest, it builds your audience. Your name is attached to facts, knowledge, humor, and value among other desirable qualities. You can rarely buy this kind of publicity. And that means that truly good articles are worth their weight in gold.

I happen to be a purveyor of this sort of marketing gold. I can create a single, wildly shareable article or an entire library of them. Each will boost your street cred, enhance your reputation, and make you look like you may just know all there is to know about your particular subject.

Contact me to discuss your subject, schedule, and article needs.