Once Upon a Time...

There was once a time and place when books were made only of paper, when messages meant using the postal service or handwritten notes, and when advertising was done on the radio, TV, or in print. Computers were mysterious machines that took up entire rooms and were not something the average person had even seen "in person". Telephones were mounted to walls or sat on tables, and were stuck in one place because they used cables and cords. They did one thing: They made and accepted telephone calls.

During that long ago era there was a young girl who read far too many of those books, stood waiting by the front door for the mail to arrive (because she had a "pen pal" in the UK), was ecstatic when the phone rang, and who memorized the "ditties" used on the radio and TV to advertise everything from candy to cars. The year? 1974. Yes, a lot has changed in that short span of time, but the girl hasn't changed all that much.

You see, one day at school, she was asked what she hoped to be when grown up. The boy sitting at the desk beside her answered that he intended to be a fire truck. Perhaps this inspired our heroine because her answer was also unexpected. What did she want to be when she grew up? "Interesting" was her reply.

To be interesting means to be interested in everything around you. The heroine of our tale (yes, yours truly) remains thoroughly interested in the world. Because of that, I was a natural when it came time to tackle volumes, and volumes, and even more volumes of writing for the newfangled thing known as the Internet. First writing in quantity to meet the needs of the burgeoning SEO issue, I have now dedicated myself to in-depth, original, well researched and even more well written materials. To shake things up I continually work with folks who need a speech, a toast, or a quick love letter that sets a heart aflutter.

Interesting? Check.

Bored? Never.

Ready to help you with your wordy needs? Always.

About Me...Because You're Dying to Know...